How Kelle is Changing the Game for Real Estate Agents

Utilizing AI and Big Data, Keller Williams' new Kelle app offers agents mobile assistant and access to backoffice data.

As agents, anytime we can find solutions that allow us to spend less time buried in technology to perform the mundanest (is that a word?) of tasks, it’s a huge win. And when those solutions are free, or included as part of your technology package… all the better. Meet Kelle. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, Kelle is an AI-powered personal assistant that can help KW associates do just that.

According to Keller Williams co-founder, chairman and CEO Gary Keller, “We are in the fourth industrial revolution – an era of the machine-powered know-it-all business that’s always on, analyzing, learning and thinking.” Big data is king, and artificial intelligence can be a competitor or a partner.

Through AI’s ever-increasing computing abilities, agents are able to access data like never before and gain even more insights. This allows them to better serve their clients, something pivotal to ensuring the real estate profession prevails against industry disruptors.

From the automotive sector to medicine to the media, artificial intelligence is transforming our world. Keller Williams is the first to harness its power specifically for the real estate industry.

“AI is the next frontier,” says Josh Team, Keller Williams’ president and one of the masterminds behind Kelle. “It’s becoming more mainstream, and it allows us to give more value to our agents and clients in a way that technology hasn’t been able to do before. Kelle will give our agents back valuable time.”

As the largest real estate company in the world, Keller Williams is well-positioned to lead the way in “real estate AI” given its vast amount of data, which is crucial for artificial intelligence.