What To Do When You Don't Have Anything on Your To-Do List

You've made your prospecting calls, mailed letters to your sphere, filled your social media sites with all the latest information, and followed up with all of your current leads. Suddenly your to-do list is empty, so what do you do next to help fill your pipeline? Here's 30 good ideas to keep you busy:

Schedule Open Houses

Schedule an open house for the weekend, door knock 20 houses around it and hand out flyers and business cards inviting them and their friends to come view. Offer preferred viewing for neighbors an hour earlier than the start of the public open house. Post about it on social media and boost your posts to a 1 mile radius around the home.

Circle Prospect on a New Listing, an Open House or a Sold Property

Call, mail, door knock or email the 100 homes closest to your latest listing, an upcoming open house or your most recent sale. Regardless of which, be sure to reinforce the idea that you're actively and successfully doing business in the neighborhood, and offer to do the same for them. Get names, numbers, and email addresses if possible, and follow up!

Call Past or Current Clients

At a minimum you should always follow up with your current clients at least weekly, offering updates and asking questions; asking how you can further serve their needs. But do you call your past clients? Call to catch up, offer your services (tax comps at tax time, cma for updated value) and always, always ask, "who do you know that I should know" - ask for referrals.

Offer CMAs to Your Sphere

Homeowners always want to know how the market is doing and what the value of their home is looking. Offer up CMAs to your sphere, your farm, on social media, and to vendor partners (and their clients). Create a landing page where homeowners can request a CMA to help build your database.

Send Out Direct Mail Piece or Email Campaign

Direct mail only works when you do it consistently, but if you haven't sent your next mailing, perhaps now is the time to get it ready to go out. Don't have a currently mailing routine, pick a specialized farm and hit it heavy and frequently. Email database bigger than your farm? Send out a mass email - a monthly newsletter or market update can keep you front and center with your database.

Take Floor Duty

It's passive yes, but it beats mindlessly playing on Facebook to grow your business. Take floor duty often. If it's anything like our office, floor duty agents receive all walk-ins and all property calls that aren't returned promptly by the listing agents. We've had luxury homeowners just walk in the door and ask to list their homes.

Preview Properties

If you've got nothing else to do, hop in the car and tour homes. Start with homes in your own neighborhood or farm; get familiar with the inventory in the markets in which you do the most business. Also go check out new home communities and get familiar with what they're homes, incentives, and amenities. This allows you to speak with authority when talking to homebuyers about buying new.

Do Pop-Bys

Put together inexpensive and clever pop-by's for your best clients and advocates and deliver them in person. Pop-by's are a great way to continue to build relationships with the people who send you the most business. And it doesn't have to be expensive. It could be as little as a small bag of popcorn with a note on it.

Write Handwritten Notes

Take the time to hand-write personal notes to your past client, current clients, those who send you referrals, and any new people you meet and add to your database. Personal, handwritten notes are rare these days and make a great impression on those that you send them to.

Work FSBO's or Expired's

For Sale by Owners can be found just driving around your neighborhood, looking on Craigslist, Zillow and more. Ask your friends and neighbors to notify you when they come across FSBOs and offer a gift card for doing so. Expired listings are simple to pull up in MLS. These two groups represent the lowest hanging fruit in our industry. It's as if they're literally holding their hands up and saying come sell my home for me!

Attend a Networking Event

Attend local networking events and actually socialize. Get to know service providers other than realtors and work to build those relationships. Focus on finding ways to help them, and they'll naturally want to reciprocate. This is a great way to build your referral network.

Meet Someone Face to Face

Call up a friend, colleague, neighbor or co-worker and ask to meet them for coffee or lunch. Much like networking, build those relationships and find ways to make their lives easier. Ask the question, "what's keeping you awake at night?" and go from there.

Update Your Mailing List

Mailing lists can easily and regularly get out of date. Scour your records, online records, and social media sites to update them. At $.46/piece, mailing out letters and postcards only to have them bounce back undelivered can be maddening AND expensive.

Have a Booth at an Event

Hosting a booth at local events is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add people to your database. It's also one of the cheapest. Get a vendor to sponsor a prize giveaway for which attendees register. We've found that Yeti coolers stocked with stuff (booze, outdoor gear, bbq supplies, etc) are great attention getters and people fall over themselves to register. We've also had photo booths that people register for so we could email them their hi-resolution photo after the event.

Host a Get-Together

Host a get-together at your home, neighborhood, or office. Invite your past client, current clients, and prospects to attend. Provide food, drinks, entertainment, and work the room. Make introductions, and most of all thank them all for coming, for being great clients, and ask for referrals.

Farm a Neighborhood

Research your local neighborhoods, find ones that have good turnover rates and lack a dominate listing agent and then budget a way to farm the neighborhood for at least a year. We've offered sponsorships to lenders and insurance agents to help offset some of the costs. Learn about EDDM... it's by far the cheapest way to send out mass volumes of farming materials.


Volunteer for a local non-profit. In addition to doing good and doing your heart good, you're exposing yourself to a whole new set of people.

Attend Continuing Education

Continuing education classes are required anyway, so you might as well make them work to your advantage. Skip the online training and pick a campus that's far enough away from your area that most agents wouldn't want to make the drive to work the area. It's a great way to build your referral database.

Call to Update Contact Information

Pick a letter each day and call every name in your database to verify their information. "I've been updating my database, and I just wanted to make sure I still have all of your information correct." is a great opening line. Update their names, cell phone, email address, and home address at the very least.

Put Your Name tag on and go Meet People

You would be amazed at how many people will spark up a conversation just by seeing your nametag. Wear it the grocery store, to the kids games and events, to PTA meetings and networking events. Then make a concerted effort to meet new people and of course, add them to your database.

Review Your Business or Marketing Plan

Business plans and marketing plans are living, breathing documents. Take a little time to update them on at least an annual basis to make sure they have the most current and effective information.

Schedule a Public Speaking Opportunity

First time homebuyer seminars, tax protest seminars, investment seminars, and homestead seminars all give you a quick and easy way to get in front of your neighbors and establish yourself as the local real estate expert. It also provides an easy way to get their information so you can follow up.

Write a Blog Post / Social Media Update

Content is king, but make sure the content is on a website that you control. Then link to it from social media sites and make sure there is a way to capture their information. Not only are you getting new names in a non-intrusive way, you're also improving your search engine rankings when Google decides to index your new content.

Randon Acts of Prospecting

Technically, it's random acts of kindness, but it can be used in a purposeful way. Next time you're at Starbucks, pay for the person behind you in line and ask the waiter to give them your business card. You can do the same for someone's meal, someone's toll booth charge, etc. You're making impressions that at the very least make someone else smile, and at the very most spark a new contact.

Attend Service Club Meetings

Chamber meetings, rotary meetings, networking groups and the like all offer the opportunity to meet new people in a businesslike environment. Some even require that you provide a certain number of referrals per year, which in turn means you, theoretically, get the same.

Door Knock

Create a market update flyer for your neighborhood, then walk the neighborhood knocking on doors and simply offer it over. Do not sell at the door, but simply state that you're providing this free information to keep your neighbors informed. Want to take it to another level? Offer to send them market updates monthly via email in exchange for their email address. Make sure to ensure that you will not be "marketing" to them.

Create a Video / Highlight a Neighborhood

Video is king these days. Facebook, Google, Bing, YouTube and Yahoo all place the greatest importance on video when determining what shows up at the top of your search results and social media walls. Creating quality content in video format will drive your exposure greater than text ever will, which in turn gives you a greater opportunity to capture new contact information.

Host an Educational Class

Teach a class and master it. Even better, use it a recruiting tool to bring agents from other brokerages into the Keller Williams system and your downline. Other brokerages do not allow outside agents into their training seminars, so when it happens at Keller Williams, it makes them wonder what else they're missing.

Contact Referral Partners

Once a quarter, reach out to all of the agents in your referral network and just touch base. Build those relationships and remind them who you are and what territories you cover. And always make sure to remind them that you'll send referrals back their way as well.