The Top Ten Ways to Build Your Profit Share Tree

Group Them

Connect with your entire profit share tree on Facebook and ideally start your own Profit Share group, while making sure they are all part of the group too.

Develop the Relationship

Get to know your Profit Share tree on a more intimate basis. Ask them about their dreams and their Big Why's and explain how Profit Share can be a big part of it. If you have time for 3,000 friends on Facebook, you have time for those in your tree.

Dig Deep

Connect with the six levels above you, so those people know who you are. You are building out their second-seventh levels.

Emulate a Market Center

Consider your Profit Share Tree to be a virtual Market Center and look at your ideal Profit Tree financials the same way a Market Center does. Ideally you want 25% cappers, 25% half cappers, 25% quarter cappers, and 25% new agents.


Review your monthly Profit Share statement to see where your Profit Share is coming from.


Congratulate those agents whose production generated Profit Share for you.


Know the principles of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent and encourage your tree to learn them as well:

  • Post the concepts of the 3 L's
  • The four models
  • The 24 must know topics


Educate your Profit Share tree on what Profit Share is and isn't, how it affects Culture, and how to become more purposeful about it:

  • Know your individual Keller Williams Story
  • Explain how sharing your Keller Williams story and experience can change lives
  • Advise them on how to look for opportunities to share their story
  • Anyone they know in a sales or service position (retail, bartender, server)
  • Non-KW agents on the other side of transactions

Teach a Webinar

Offer to teach a webinar to your Profit Share tree on how to post Craigslist ads for recruiting leads.

Leverage Your Knowledge

As the Operating Principal of your virtual Market Center, leverage your knowledge and experience with Keller Williams and this industry with your Profit Share tree. Send them weekly nuggets of wisdom or A-ha's that you pick up (from Family Reunion or Mega Camp) or that are discussed in your Market Center, and encourage them to implement them into their businesses. Every tree needs watering... your Profit Share tree is no different!