One Simple Thing that Makes Building Your Tree Painless

Keller Williams has consistently encouraged it's agents to participate in the Profit Share program. After all its free, its one of the most unique offerings available exclusively to Keller Williams agents, and its passive income to help carry agents when business is slow. So why then does the average market center only have a 30% participation rate in the Profit Share system?

Agents get themselves so focused on running their businesses that they feel they lack the time to effectively grow their trees. The truth of the matter is that building a profit share downline doesn't have to take a great deal of time and it doesn't even have to be difficult. Other posts here will focus on recruiting existing agents, but we're going to focus on One Thing that you're already doing that can help you bring talent into the company.

Do you ever go out to eat? Do you ever send thank you cards? Are you ever impressed by some service that you've received. Of course you have... we all have. Brian Varvel, an agent in the Keller Williams Premier Realty market center in Katy, Texas took inspiration from one particular way in which Apple recruits new 'Genuises' to work in their retail stores. If you're not familiar, Apple developed a simple business card that it's current employees could simply hand to those who gave THEM great service. The card complimented them, and then asked a very simple question.

Apple Recruiting Card

Here's Our Take

Keller Williams recruiting business card

How Can I Get One?

It's a simple three step process:

  • Download the template here.
  • Unzip, open the Rear.pdf file and edit the name and phone fields. Then Save.
  • Send the file off to be printed.
  • Done.

Then just carry with them just as you would your regular real estate business cards. And we're you're out to dinner and have incredible service, slide the card in with your signed receipt (make sure you tip). Or maybe you're across the table from another agent at a closing for which the transaction went very well. Bring a thank you card, and slide one of your new business cards into it and give it to them at closing. The point here is compliment them and open a window for a conversation. Remember, your job is not to recruit. Your job is to create a dialog, and then hand them off to your team leader.